The Antenatal Course

The Antenatal Course

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50% DISCOUNT -  £17.50 until 31/12/20


  • 9 lessons 
  • 3+ hours of video content
  • 18 fact sheets and practical lists to download and print
  • 10 minute Hypnobirthing taster session to download
  • Exclusive discounts on top pregnancy and baby brands
  • Access to a supportive and friendly CLOSED Facebook Page for private chats
  • Unlimited access to the course on multiple devices - do them on the sofa or even on the train, the choice is yours.
  • Flexible start date - unlike most classes that don't let you start until you are 30 weeks, you can start at 4 weeks or 40 weeks, it's up to you.


  • Feel more confident about giving birth
  • Be totally clear about what you can and can't do during pregnancy
  • Feel fully and impartially informed about pain relief, hypnobirthing and induction
  • Know what to expect from your body - and when to worry - during pregnancy, labour and post partum
  • Feel prepared for the early days at home with your baby and know basic First Aid
  • Feel in control and excited about what's to come!

 " I cannot recommend the A Mother Place course enough. Roger and Becca were quite simply FANTASTIC! As a medic myself, I felt they struck the perfect balance between evidence based information and experiential anecdotes. The combined wisdom of a practicing clinician and a mother not afraid to tell it how it is was enormously reassuring.” Gaby R

"I really liked the teachers because they had a great sense of humour and were very honest about the whole experience of birth and pregnancy. Compared to my friends who did traditional courses, I felt I got a lot more from A Mother Place since the classes were taught by an obstetrician and an experienced mother." Cleo K